#ittakesacommunity is a global movement to celebrate how all people, regardless of where they are born, can contribute to making our communities better places for us to live and call home.

Throughout history, migration has helped us to foster new connections, exchange innovative ideas, and enrich each other’s lives. More recent times, however, have seen inaccurate and harmful narratives about migrants rise worldwide, a challenge that has become even more urgent in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, it is important for us to come together to ensure that everyone receives the support and protection they need for communities to build back better.

By showing how diverse individuals, including migrants and refugees, are working together to strengthen their communities, we can challenge discrimination, hate speech and xenophobia, and build more welcoming and inclusive communities for all.


There are three main ways that you can participate in “It Takes A Community”.

  1. Pledge to support welcoming and inclusive communities

  2. Join the conversation online

  3. Become a campaign leader