IOM Gala Dinner: A Call to Action for Climate Mobility Solutions

©IOM Hong Kong SAR, China

©IOM Hong Kong SAR, China

©IOM Hong Kong SAR, China

©IOM Hong Kong SAR, China

©IOM Hong Kong SAR, China

Hong Kong – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Hong Kong SAR, China, hosted Gala Dinner on 23 November, bringing the urgent issue of climate mobility to the forefront. Attended by 80 distinguished guests, the event was a powerful call to action, highlighting the need for collaborative efforts to tackle the challenges of climate change and human migration. 

The theme of this gala dinner – Let’s Act Now for a Better Future - is indeed opportune, noted IOM China Chief of Mission Giuseppe Crocetti, as the urgency of addressing climate mobility has never been greater. Climate change may result in the internal displacement or migration of more than 200 million people by 2050, and no country can manage this alone. Climate mobility action requires us all to work together, including private sector, in our collective efforts to achieve the global goals set out in the 2030 Agenda and in the Paris Declaration. 

The Gala Dinner encouraged attendees to become active participants in shaping climate mobility solutions. In his opening remarks, Dr. George Lam, Chair of ESCAP Sustainable Business Forum, re-emphasized the importance of SDG 17 to revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. In addition to the partnerships in Hong Kong SAR, IOM's collaboration with The HUG Foundation has led to the creation of an art web shop, a unique platform where artists can showcase and sell their migration-inspired digital and physical art. Through a simple scan of a QR code available at the event, guests could explore a collection of artworks, each piece narrating a compelling story of migration. All proceeds from the IOM curated collection in the HUG art shop are dedicated to supporting IOM’s Climate Mobility Innovation Lab. 

This web shop, curated by IOM, not only displays art but also embodies the resilience and strength of individuals affected by climate mobility. The exclusive web shop, which concluded on November 26th, will be followed by the public opening of the web shop on November 27th. A joint awareness effort by IOM and the HUG Foundation will accompany the web shop's launch, aimed at garnering broader support. The collection will close on December 19th, coinciding with International Migrants Day. 

The IOM Gala Dinner was more than an event; coupled with a powerful migration story and performances by IOM Celebrity Advocate Crisel Consunji, the evening was a catalyst for change.  Inspiring action towards a safer, more sustainable future for all, Ms. Rania Ahmed Sharshr, Director of Peace and Development for IOM, noted "the time to act for long term and sustainable climate solutions is now. The water bottle and basic needs packages are no longer working for communities impacted by climate change". Support for IOM’s climate mobility initiatives is not just a contribution; it’s a step towards necessary solutions. 

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