IOM Iran Builds Capacity for Diplomatic Personnel to Combat Human Trafficking

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©IOM Iran

©IOM Iran

Tehran — In a landmark initiative to empower the diplomatic and consular staff in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy, organized a training programme from 27-29 November on trafficking in persons.  

Held at the United Nations Common Premises in Tehran, the event brought together a diverse group of 60 participants representing 25 countries, including ambassadors, consular officers and staff, law enforcement officers, and representatives from visa outsourceing agencies. 

The programme aimed to address the critical issue of human trafficking, including its causes and the relevant legal framework at the national and international levels. Throughout the event, attendees learned to identify and refer the victims to IOM, while particular attention was brought to understanding the special considerations required when addressing trafficking cases, such as the vulnerabilities of the victims. 

“Working within the diplomatic and consular bodies, we are at the forefront of interacting directly with individuals. I am pleased to see such keen interest in finding solutions to human trafficking, as so many representatives of embassies attended the initiative,” said Bertollo Massimiliano, First Secretary and Head of the Consular Office of the Embassy of Italy in Tehran. “Each of us here can add a personal contribution, offering help to those who come to us and providing much needed assistance in preventing human trafficking.”  

Led by experts from IOM Iran, the training sought to empower diplomatic corps and their personnel, providing them with practical skill set to address all aspects of counter-trafficking response, including prevention, protection and prosecution, in particular when they face complex situations, especially during the visa application process. 

The event equipped the participants with greater capacity to protect individuals from exploitation and assist the identified victims in their safe return. Furthermore, a significant emphasis was placed on building partnerships and establishing effective referral mechanisms as proactive measures to prevent human trafficking.  

Alberto Andreani, Programme Coordinator at IOM Iran, said "the involvement of diplomatic missions is crucial in the global fight against human trafficking. By identifying and assisting victims, diplomatic personnel not only help those directly affected by such crime but also contribute to dismantling trafficking networks and prosecuting perpetrators.” 

This briefing marks a significant step towards strengthening the collective response to human trafficking, demonstrating IOM Iran's commitment to safeguarding human rights and ensuring the safety of victims. The diverse participation from various embassies based in Iran showcases the universal recognition of the need to combat this heinous crime and protect vulnerable individuals worldwide. 


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